David Satorres · Sep 12, 2019

Monitoring Activity Volume numbers

Hi all,

I recently discovered the Monitoring Activity Volume feature in IRIS and I was amazed by it. So, I put it to work in one of our productions. It is nice how easy it is to set up and all the possibilites that came with it.

But there's something weird: the numbers. Actually, one of the BP is stating a time of more than 6 seconds to process:


But it is not really possible, as our production is running at a pace of about 40 msg/second, being this one the first step. So my question is: how is this avg. duration calculated? What does this time include? Is it in seconds?


Thanks a lot,

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What's the Pool Size setting for that BP?


I've seen weird numbers that make no sense. For example, for last hour three components have high values:

That's why I'd like to know how is it calculated :)

Pool Size setting is shown on Production Configuration page.

i think you have several process jobs.

Finally, can you show Visual Trace with the first process?

Pool size is 5 :-)

I've been looking for an example of one item that take a little long, as most of them are completed in less than 0.3 seconds. This is a full trace:

I can see the component that takes long, but not as much as the average shown at the analytics :)

InitGlobals process Avg. Duration would be the time between [2] and [16]. So all other processes are "included" in that time.

I agree all other processes time are included. But how you decide the [16] value?

Anyway, analytics is showing now 500 so I'd like to know how the calculations are done. I guess it's best if I go with WRC.