Mario Sanchez Macias · Oct 9, 2019

Mirroring with Docker - simple setup


If you like to play and test with mirroring, now you can do it very easily with dockers and these simple mirror scripts.

  • The docker-compose.yml will create 2 containers with the preferred version. 
  • The script will start the ISCAgent, load the Installer.cls class into Iris and call it. 
  • The interesting part is inside the Installer.cls class, you will find some methods to create a mirror,  join and create databases in mirror.  The scripts are quite simple and you can borrow them to create your own mirrors.

Note that this script is just valid for 2019.3 and newer, if you want to run an older version, you can also do it but using the folder inside. I needed to modify the scripts to pass credentials to allow the login. 

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Thank you, Mario!

Does this work for IRIS Community version too?

Yes, I saw it and borrowed some tricks! thanks for them Dmitry! 

Anyway, I preferred to publish these scripts as are a little bit simpler and easyer to follow (at least for me ;-) 

I also added a folder for old versions, where you need to pass credentials to login. It maybe useful for people using older versions.