· Sep 13, 2019

Mirror Problem with SSL

I'm trying to create a simple mirror with two Cachés 2016.2.1.803 Instances,

but after i create the mirror with the primary and try to connect the fallouver server, i receive the following message:


ERRO #2071: Erro ao recuperar informações do conjunto espelho para 'BPLUS'. Erro: Connection failed: Unexpected error: <READ>SSLServer+191^MIRRORCTL

i'm not using ssl on this configuration, tried with arbiter and without, same effect.

Tried with Caché 2018.1 and Caché 2016.2.1, same problem.

Some tips?


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It might be best to open a WRC issue for this, but this is a fairly common error message that actually has nothing to do with SSL. This is generally a sign of 1 of 2 problems, depending on your platform:

Unix: Incorrect permissions on the cuxagent binary on the PRIMARY mirror member. The permissions on that file should look like:

[root@RH7-64-001 bin]# ls -l /intersystems/CACHE/bin/cuxagent
-r-sr-x--- 1 root iscagent 27468 Sep 13 13:40 /intersystems/CACHE/bin/cuxagent

Windows: Generally a problem with the ISCAgent being unable to actually find the instance or access the cache.cpf file. If you look in C:\Windows\system32\iscagent.log, you should see the reason for the problem.

If this doesn't point you to the solution, I definitely suggest contacting support.