· Nov 23, 2021

Mirror Member List


What's the best way to get list of members attached to a Mirror? 

In my scenario, in a Mirror set there are 5 members. 2 Failover, 2 DR Async and 1 R/W reporting.

On Primary, in the code I want to identify Backup member and then do my stuff.

And on Backup, in the code I want to identify DR Async and then do my stuff.

Basically the idea is to push file through code from Primary > Backup and then later files will be pushed from Backup > DR Async.


Kamal Suri

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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The class query MemberStatusList in SYS.Mirror (found in the %SYS namespace) will give you a list of mirror members and some useful status information:

%SYS>d ##class(%ResultSet).RunQuery("SYS.Mirror","MemberStatusList")

Member Name:Current Role:Current Status:Journal Transfer Latency:Dejournal Latency:Journal Transfer Latency:Dejournal Latency:Display Type:Display Status:
MDCHCNDBSL2.HICGRP.COM/STAGE:Backup:Active:Active:Caught up:Active:Caught up:Failover:Backup:
CDCHCNDRSL.HICGRP.COM/STAGE:Async:Async:Caught up:Caught up:Caught up:Caught up:Disaster Recovery:Connected: