· Apr 17, 2020

Mirror manually change Primary to secundary


I want to know if there is a way to manually change Primary to secondary  and vice versa?

I need this becasue we backup the two VMs (primary and secondary) and my idea is to make a script to when the primary VM is going to backup with Veeam change to "backup" on the mirror.



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All you need to do is shutdown the instance on the primary. This is documented here:

If your Veeam backup is short enough (on the order of a few seconds), there's really no need to do this, but if it's on the order of minutes, not seconds, that may be a good plan.

I did some test back ago about backing up mirror scenarios (and restoring them), with an arbiter and hot backups.

There is indeed an important thing to keep in mind to avoid an final awkward situation, both nodes (A and B) end up in secondary mode and therefore readonly: this happens if you have both nodes up and synced, you turn off your primary (A) node (to backup or for maintenaince) then your secondary (B) becames primary, for whatever reason you remove the mirror configuration (in B as primary) and then A goes online again.

We found this situation in a scenario where B was kept as primary for some time, decided to remove mirror configuration, and then A was brought online,  for some reason both become secondary and readonly and the only solution was to restore a backup in the "most" functional node that was B.