Evgeny Shvarov · Nov 18, 2020

A Milestone: 100 ZPM packages available in a Public Repository!


I'm pleased to announce that 100 ZPM modules are available in the public InterSystems IRIS zpm-repository! Now!

Thank you, developers! This is great that you adopt ZPM Package manager that fast and share your open source add-on libraries for InterSystems IRIS in a form of ZPM packages which means that each of them could be installed as:

USER>zpm "install module-name"

Wish to see the next milestone of 1,000 modules soon in 2021!

Thank you!

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Congratulations  ! yes yes yes yes yes 

I'm personally moved!
Since when I asked for something similar in 2005 I got a massive push-back by a person that is no longer with ISC mgmt.

It is a great feature, I'm learning how I can support zpm into my apps, but I will do it.



ZPM is great and helps a lot!