Migration to Healthshare 2017.2.1 problem %SuperSession ID

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Hi all,

We have migrated our Ensemble instance from Healthshare 2016.2.1 to 2017.2.1, after all process we are checking that all namespaces are working propertly.

The first problema was checking a business operation that calls to a WebApi with the following error message:

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <OBJECT DISPATCH>zMessageHeaderHandler+14^SALUTIC.MyUsers.BO.UsersREST.1 *Set property %SuperSession of class SALUTIC.MyUsers.BO.UsersREST is not a direct reference and may not be multiple SET arg --  - registrado como '-' número - @'     Set (..%SuperSession,%Ensemble("SuperSession"))=pRequestHeader.SuperSession'

This is the first time that I see this parameter. Then I've activated this property in "settings tab"

I've checked and unchecked and it began to works... I don't know why I need to do it to each one Business Operation that I have in my production.

After this, we are testing the rest of the produccion but I have the same problem with a Business Process, but this property is not available in this kind of component (it is only in Ens.BusinessOperation)

Any idea how to fix this problem for all production?

P.D. I've compiled all the classes but doesn't work

Best Regards,

Francisco López

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I have encountered the exact same problem but was unable to reproduce it. In my case recompilation helped. Try to  recompile SALUTIC.MyUsers.BO.UsersREST. Please contact the WRC if you can reproduce this behavior.

I've solved this problem just adding a Default setting for SendSuperSession

I know, this is not the best way to fix it.. but it works ;)

It seem that works... but sometime I have an error, but I'm not able to check what is happend because the message viewer doesn't display the trace.

Always it's displaying an error

That's probably unrelated problem?

Check application error log (SMP >  System Operation > System Logs> Application Error Log)?

Yep, that was other problem.

I've exported all classes, dropped namespace and database, created all as new namespace and import the classes.

Now, the message viewer works (fortunatly it is a DEV environment), compiled all via terminal.

However, sometimes the error about SendSuperSession appear intermittently, often when there are some request at the same time