Murillo Braga · Aug 3, 2016

Message search - Time Format

Hello guys,

One thing keeps annoying me and I'm pretty sure it does many other people (my workmates as well, lol): every time I access the 'Message Viewer' screen, the 'Time Format' come with 'Time only' as a default. Can I make 'Complete' as the default value for it?


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  1. Inherit from EnsPortal.MessageViewer
  2. Copy searchPane from EnsPortal.Template.filteredViewer
  3. In searchPane, TimeFormat node replace attribute  value="12" with value="999"
  4. Compile. Your new class would have Complete as TimeFormat default value

Alternatively, instead of 2-4 you can set TimeFormat value in your class by overriding some init callback ( %OnAfterCreatePage maybe, don't forget to call ##super() though) and setting it there. It would be a better solution.

2020 UPDATE.

I think I found a better solution.

1. Extend EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Assistant class.

2. In this class redefine EnumerateExecute method to provide the desired format. Replace this line:

Do ..addTerm(.aSelect,"{fn RIGHT(%EXTERNAL(head.TimeCreated),"_dateLen_"
)} As TimeCreated")

to provide the format you need.

Alternatively redefine OnFinalizeSQL to replace

{fn RIGHT(%EXTERNAL(head.TimeCreated),999)}

with something else.

3. Set the global


to the value of your class.

This looks like an official way to modify MessageViewer behavior.