Fabian Haupt · Dec 22, 2016 1m read

Merry XMas :)

Cache rendering of an old classic:

 s enc="dQZ4nK1VzU7DMAy+I/EEveTcCWicpt3UU2VABTRA/AhBeYW+As/U7vE4VNhxypJuoAlhS1vixJ//"_
 s enc=$SYSTEM.Util.Decompress($SYSTEM.Encryption.Base64Decode(enc))
 w enc

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Merry XMas and a Happy New Year!

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Well played Fabian :)  Merry Christmas to you as well!

@Ben, please remove the screenshot. We want people to run the code themselves! :) No spoilers!

Removed as requested (although I personally think that the screenshot makes people more likely to take a look at your code rather than less likely).

but we just want them to run it ;) Not spoil it :) 

also, if anything, you should have made it a gif to capture the animation :)

Fab (aka Fabulous Fab). You just made my day :)

w #,*27,"[32m" s $lb(tw,th,twi,c,tp,l)=$lb(2,4,8,40,4,24) while (l-th>tp) { f st=0:1:th-1 { s y=tp+st,x=c-(tw/2),w=tw-1 s:w ts(y)=$lb(x,w) w *27,"[",y,";",c-(tw/2),"H/",*27,"[",y,";",c+(tw/2),"H\" s tw=twi/th*2+tw } s tp=tp+th,tw=tw-twi } w !,*27,"[0m","Press any key to exit" f { w *27,"[",y,";",x+1,"H",$j("",w) f i=1:1:y\4 { w *27,"[",$r(10)+30,"m",*27,"[",y,";",$r(w)+x+1,"Ho",*27,"[1;1H"} s y=$o(ts(y),-1,d),$lb(x,w)=d i w<5 {s y=$o(ts(""),-1) h 0.3} r q:0 q:$t } w *27,"[0m"

Well done, Dima! Just my 2c: any key should be really any. The correction is easy: change exit condition to

r q:0 q:$t

Season greetings to everybody!

Merry Christmas to all! (Late) and a prosperous New Year!
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