· Jun 2, 2020

Meet Henrique Gonçalves Dias – New Developer Community Moderator!

Hi Community!

We're pleased to welcome @Henrique Dias  as our new Moderator in the Developer Community Team!


Let's greet Henrique with big applause and take a closer look at his bio!

    Henrique is a System Management Specialist / Database Administrator for the Sao Paulo Federal Court.

    He's been working with IT since 2003, most of the time in the Healthcare industry. In his first year of working with software implementation, Henrique had his first contact with the InterSystems technology.

    Some facts about Henrique's career path: 

    • 2003-2006: I worked in a TrackCare implementation, dealing globals instead of tables, pieces instead of columns. It was mind-blowing for me.
    • 2006-2009: I switch jobs and started to work with Oracle PeopleSoft in ERP implementations in different industries as University, Insurance Companies, Bank, Energy.
    • At the end of 2009, I had a chance to get back to work with InterSystems technologies again, and I joined InterSystems Corporation.
    • 2009-2013: I worked as a Technical Specialist with Trakcare implementation and been a part of the Trakcare Edition Brazil Team.
    • In 2014, I started to work in an InterSystems partner as a Senior Software Developer with Supply Chain software, most of the time inside the healthcare industry, the area that I like the most.
    • In middle 2019, I was invited to work as a Systems Management Specialist / Database Administrator at Sao Paulo Federal Court.

    Some other facts about Henrique:

    • Born in 1984, he is half Portuguese, half Japanese, born and raised in Brazil.
    • He is married and father of 2 children (7-years-old boy and 1-year-old girl)
    • His hobbies besides technology are playing with my kids, videogames, traveling, reading mangás, and draw.

    Warm welcome!

    Thank you and congratulations, Henrique! 👏🏼

    Hope you will be a great Moderator! We wish you good luck! 

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