Benjamin Bryans · Nov 21, 2016

MDX Calculated measure help in DeepSee

I currently have an MDX query/calculated measure as per the below:

[DaysOnListRange].[H1].[DaysOnListRange].&[Days 91 - 180]+ [DaysOnListRange].[H1].[DaysOnListRange].&[Days 181 - 365]+
[DaysOnListRange].[H1].[DaysOnListRange].&[Days 365+]

however it currently doesn't sum when there is a blank in the data.
How can I amend this query to include empty cells/only sum cells with data?

I've tried using nonempty but it doesn't appear to work in this context

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Hi Benjamin,

In DeepSee, Null data is handled differently than 0. This being the case, you can use the ISNULL function (Documentation). Each of these three members can be placed in ISNULL() as the first parameter and 0 as the second. If there is no data, instead of being Null, it will be treated as 0 and your calculation should work.