· May 27, 2019

Management portal (Task Schedule)

Hi all, 

I am trying to create multiple tasks all in a single task. 


For instance MyApp has three tasks.

One to send a email if a limit is exceeded = MyApp-check-credits

One to purge files = MyApp-purge

One to auto delete files = MyApp-Del 


I would love to get all tasks MyApp-check-credits, MyApp-purge, MyApp-Del into a single parent task called MyApp-AllTasks.


Is there anyone that could give me guidance of how to complete this it would be much appreciated. 

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What's the use case? I think it's better to keep independent tasks separate.


1. Create your own task class by extending %SYS.Task.Definition.

2. Program your task

  • Specify TaskName parameter to provide readable task name
  • Add class properties if needed - they are task arguments
  • Override OnTask method to program your logic

3. Create a new task, choosing your task class (by TaskName).