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Making your own Chat with Open AI ChatGPT in Telegram Using InterSystems Interoperability

Hi Community!

Just want to share with you an exercise I made to create "my own" chat with GPT in Telegram.

It became possible because of two components on Open Exchange: Telegram Adapter by @Nikolay Solovyev and IRIS Open-AI by  @Kurro Lopez 

So with this example you can setup your own chat with ChatGPT in Telegram. 

Let's see how to make it work!


Create a bot using @BotFather account and get the Bot Token. Then add bot into a telegram chat or channel and give it admin rights. Learn more at

Open (create if you don't have it) an account on and get your Open AI API Key and Organization id.

Make sure you have IPM installed in your InterSystems IRIS. if not here is one liner to install:

USER>    s r=##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New(),r.Server="",r.SSLConfiguration="ISC.FeatureTracker.SSL.Config" d r.Get("/packages/zpm/latest/installer"),$system.OBJ.LoadStream(r.HttpResponse.Data,"c")

Or you can use community docker image with IPM onboard like this:

$ docker run --rm --name iris-demo -d -p 9092:52797 -e IRIS_USERNAME=demo -e IRIS_PASSWORD=demo intersystemsdc/iris-community:latest

$ docker exec -it iris-demo iris session iris -U USER



Install the IPM package in a namespace with Interoperability enabled.

USER>zpm "install telegram-gpt"


Open the production.

Put your bot's Telegram Token into Telegram business service and Telegram Business operation both:

Also initialize St.OpenAi.BO.Api.Connect operation with your Chat GPT API key and Organization id:

Start the production.

Ask any question in the telegram chat. You'll get an answer via Chat GPT. Enjoy!

And in visual trace:


This example uses 3.5 version of Chat GPT Open AI. It could be altered in the data-transformation rule for the Model parameter.

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