Ravi Akkiraju · Dec 15, 2022

LDAP Business operation - How to loop through EnsLib.LDAP.Message.Results and get all the attributes

I am trying to figure out how to loop through the EnsLib.LDAP.Message.Results to get all the attributes. From router I am passing EnsLib.LDAP.Messge.Search as the request param. Response is  EnsLib.LDAP.Message.Results. I am invoking the EnsLib.LDAP.Messge.Search BO.

At the BP level, trying to figure out how to extract all the attributes for a EnsLib.LDAP.Message.results

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Something like this:

#dim results As EnsLib.LDAP.Message.Results
for i=1:1:results.Results.Count() {
	#dim result As EnsLib.LDAP.Message.Result
	set result = results.Results.GetAt(i)
	write "DN: ", result.DN, !
	write "Attributes: ", !
	for j=1:1:result.Attributes.Count() {
		#dim atribute As EnsLib.LDAP.Message.Attribute
		set atribute = result.Attributes.GetAt(j)
		write $$$FormatText("  - Name: %1, Result: %2, Value: %3", atribute.Name, atribute.Result, atribute.Value), !

Eduard - thank you. That really helped. I can open a new thread if needed but do you know if we can use the Modify class to reset an user's password?

Edit: Found this in %SYS.LDAP but was wondering if I can do this with the existing operation EnsLib.LDAP.Operation.Standard without creating another inherited class.

s password="NewPassword"
s ChangePassword=$zcvt(""""_password_"""","o","UnicodeLittle")
s Attr1=$lb(130,"unicodePwd",$lb(ChangePassword))
s Attributes=$lb(Attr1)
s Status=##Class(%SYS.LDAP).ModifyExts(LD,DN,Attributes,"","")