Marta Soler · Aug 29, 2019

Launch Terminal from Management Portal


I am taking the 'Creating an InterSystems Class Definition' course, and the Exercices asks to open a Terminal from the Management Portal to create and interact with a new object. I didn't found how to acces tot the Terminal from the Management Portal, and the documentation I have seen doesn't help me... sad

In some moment I saw a video wich explains how to acces to the terminal, but I can't find it. ¿Can someone explains me how to find the Terminal acces?

Thank you!

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Hi Marta.

I just took a look at the course to see what was what, and on the lab site generated, there is a link for the terminal on the home page:

This then prompts you to log in with the credentials provided when you first created the lab session, and you end up with an oversized terminal window the size of your browser smiley

Just to add to this - in a real world situation, you would be accessing the terminal from the cube menu as described by Robert. I think this is something created by Intersystems to facilitate the online learning.

Thanks @Julian.Matthews !

Also just to add - this situation could be reproduced in a real-world too: this is a Web Terminal made by @Nikita Savchenko , which is quite installable into any IRIS, Caché, Ensemble, etc.

Thank you!

I have realized that I was not using the lab from the course, instead I was using the instance created from InterSystems Learning Labs, wich hasn't got the link to the Terminal. This link is available using the correct instance!
Thank you all for your aportations, I'll surely use it when I learned more! wink

You don't have it "out-of-the-box" cause it's a community project, which is used in the prepared lab server but could be installed into any IRIS machine e.g. with ZPM:

zpm:USER>install webterminal

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