· Dec 10, 2023

Key Questions of the Month: November 2023

Hi Community,

It's time for the new batch of #KeyQuestions from the previous month. And this time, we have another non-English entry.

How To Ask Questions Effectively. When we have a question, our first… | by  Soundarya Balasubramani | Agile Insider | Medium

Here are the Key Questions of November chosen by InterSystems Experts within all Communities:

📌 Scheduled task or scheduled message to run a BPL by @Colin Brough (EN)

📌 Restoring a backup using a .DAT file by @Flávio Lúcio Naves Júnior (EN)

📌 Comment migrer les classes dans des autres namespaces avec Embedded Python? by @Cyril Grosjean (FR)

These questions will be highlighted with the #Key Question tag, and their authors will get the Key Question badge on Global Masters.

If you find the key question(s) from other communities interesting, just drop a line in the comments and we will translate the question(s) and the accepted answer(s).

Congrats, and thank you all for your interesting questions. Keep them coming!

See you next month😉

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