· Oct 13, 2022

JDBC Gateway Server Crash

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue I am having with the JDBC Gateway Server crashing at the %SYS level. I have numerous Linked Tables that are using JDBC to connect to a MS SQL database/tables to query values. I have written queries in other class files and within the class definition of the linked table to do the queries.

1. Should I be running the query in the class definition of the linked table as a class method? or is it best practice to run the query as a class method outside of the class definition of the linked table?

2. I was reading documentation and came across the Config.Gateway SQL table in IRIS, we are moving to IRIS but for right now is there an equivalent in Cache 2018.1.3?

3. Is there a way to set the Timeout to other than 2 for the JDBC Gateway Server?

3. Is there a way to specify more than one JDBC Gateway at the %SYS level in case one fails?

4. Could it possibly be something within my queries?

Any help would be appreciated

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Since I increased the Heap size it appears that another problem has shown up that I didn't realize we had. The JVM is spawning multiple instances but never closing them out. Is there a way to force close the number of java sessions open? I thought if we used JDBC the connections would be closed instead of spawning additional sessions. Does anyone have a JVM (JDBC Gateway) guide to the settings that should be set?