· Dec 12, 2019

Is it possible to map a package as read only?

Hello guys,

Is it possible to map a package as read only?

I know it is possible to mount the source database as read only and map the package in the target namespace. But I would like to make the mapping read only so that the package would be "read only" only in the target namespace.

This would avoid someone to forget to set the database read only again if a modification in the package is needed.

Thanks in advance.

Jonas Zanon

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Would this be for a Development System or a Production System?

If it is a Development System you could consider using source control hooks to basically prevent people from modifying the class unless they first check out the file. If they attempt to modify it without first checking it out, they will get a message saying they need to first check out the file. If they do not have permission to do so, they will not be able to. If they do have permission to, using source control will allow you to revert any changes that end up causing issues.

If it is a Production System, you can consider using deployed mode. See documentation here. The documentation says: "You can open the class definition in Atelier, but it is read-only." (This is true for Studio also).

As you mention, making the Database Read Only is also an option.