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[ISC DEV] Continuous export of Classes/Rutines/DeepSee files to the working directory

Now the Classes/Rutines/DeepSee files will be automatically exported to the working directory after saving or compiling and files will be automatically deleted .


To install isc-dev , you just need to download and import the file isc-dev.xml from last release.
Some ways to import isc-dev .xml file:

  • Go to Management Portal -> System Explorer -> Classes -> Import and select the XML file.
  • Drag the file over Studio.
  • Terminal command:
NS>do $system.OBJ.Load("yourpath/isc-dev.xml","ck")
zpm: NS>install isc-dev

How to enable this feature:

  • After importing the class in the target namespace, run the following method to set up the working directory:
NS>do ##class(dev.code).workdir("/path/to/your/working/directory/src/")
  • Go to Management Portal -> System Administration -> Configuration -> Additional Settings -> Source Control.
  • Select the target namespace and set the dev.FileManExtension class as the main one and save it.
  • Try to create a new class in the studio and save/compile it
  • Enjoy!

So what we have, you can work in the studio without being distracted by anything, and all changes in the files will be automatically displayed in the working directory.

If you like it, you can vote for my app on the InterSystems IRIS Contest

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Hi Gev!

Thanks for sharing! This is a good feature for Studio users, but VSCode ObjectScript has it out of the box.

I'm curious, could you please add the option to export all the IRIS Analytics (DeepSee) artifacts?

Currently, to export Pivots and Dashboards I use the call:

d ##class(dev.code).export("*.DFI")

then to export Termlists, Pivot variables and calculated measures I use:

d ##class(dev.code).exportDeepSeeArtefacts()

And to export Cube class call:

d ##class(dev.code).export("MyCube.CLS")

Is it possible to add a method that will export DFI, artifacts and cubes classes at once?