abenezer bekele · Jun 12, 2020

Is0 8583 finantial transaction

I have developed a pos and tested my  bit map on multiple sites, but the switch is not responding,
what do you think the error is:
<log realm="channel/" at="Fri Jun 12 14:42:03 EAT 2020.15" lifespan="64ms">
<log realm="channel/" at="Fri Jun 12 14:42:17 EAT 2020.802" lifespan="1ms">
      <!-- org.jpos.iso.packager.XMLPackager -->
      <field id="0" value="0100"/>
      <field id="2" value="9570059763383210"/>
      <field id="3" value="000000"/>
      <field id="4" value="000000023310"/>
      <field id="7" value="0612144217"/>
      <field id="11" value="137800"/>
      <field id="12" value="144217"/>
      <field id="13" value="0612"/>
      <field id="22" value="05"/>
      <field id="24" value="123"/>
      <field id="25" value="00"/>
      <field id="41" value="00001181"/>
      <field id="42" value="000060001000048"/>
      <field id="52" value="6062D6CB7E28BADC"/>
      <field id="62" value="22114455"/>

and the response is


<log realm="jpos-client-simulator" at="Fri Jun 12 14:42:47 EAT 2020.801">
    Response time (ms):30000
<log realm="jpos-client-simulator" at="Fri Jun 12 14:42:47 EAT 2020.803" lifespan="1ms">
    Exception :null

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Sorry ,
I assume this is out of date meanwhile.