iris.node download


I want to test the node.js interface to iris with trial sandbox. The node.js documentation refers to get de node package from the instance bin directory. As I'm trying to use the trial sandbox I don't have access to the directory. Please let me know where I could download iris.node package.



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Hello Fabian,

You can get it from WRC, go to the Online Distributions options, choose the Components option and after filter using 'node':

Also, maybe my post Create a Node/Express BackEnd and connect it to IRIS in less you say 'Mississippi' can help you a bit.


Thank you David,

I don't have access to WRC as we are not a customer yet. Any other alternative ? May be it would be interesting to upload all the clients to connect to the Iris sandbox to any place. Right know I need only iris.node for Ubuntu 16.04. Could you upload to any place ?




Everyone else makes Node.js modules such as these available via NPM. 

Yes, I agree. It would be great to publish the package in NPM.