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Thank you Ward and Rob !

You can do the same with the Intersystems node.js client (take a look to Robert answer). The idea is not to have ti iterate every record, it would be impossible with collections of millions of objects. I took a look to QEWD.js and it looks it has similar functionalities than node.js client. If you find any way to filter objects retrieval without iterating please let me know.

Thank you Robert,

I know I can iterate but it is impossible to do with a large database.

Regarding to your reference this is NoSQL,  you have this kind of queries in NoSQL databases (we are porting our solution from mongoDB to Iris and with mongo node.js client you  can retrieve with and/or, regular expressions,  make sorts, etc) . Also Iris has the way with Object Script. 

I asked here to confirm we don't have a chance to do from node.js. I agree with you the path might be to develop a classMethod with object script.

May be if Intersystems provides the source code of iris node client module  we could improve the "lo hi" current available option and make something generic to have a node.js client similar to the other NoSQL platforms.

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