· Dec 12, 2022

IRIS Runtime Environment

Hello community.

I have project on IRIS. 

I am trying to make application deployable.

The Idea is to have 1 file that customer can download and run. For now I realize that whole intersysytems developer kit that includes Studio, terminal acts as runtime environment (Like Java has JDK).

Is it possible to wrap my project to 1 archive (Back to Java example .war or .jar) and run it on some application server (like Tomcat) without Studio etc..? 

Thank you!

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Hi, you can use Studio to export all your application into one xml file. This XML file can be imported by anyone.

Requirements though are that the user of this application needs an IRIS version installed and licensed (might also be the community edition) .

You don't need an IDE to deploy an application (XML package) into IRIS. you just need access to either terminal or System Management  Pages or short SMP (management web ui) there you can import the code and compile it so your application is available.

Also for application deployment you might want to look at an installer manifest that can do additional configuration that might be required like web application creation, security, database, namespace and global mapping creation etc.