· Feb 23, 2021 1m read

IRIS memory configuration wizard - looking for feedback


I just published isc-mem-config on OpenExchange and ZPM. It's a prototype to test whether this kind of user experience (UX) is a good fit for novice and / or more seasoned users. The settings it generates are already fairly-good-practice :-), but also being reviewed by experts within InterSystems in parallel.

Happy to hear your feedback on the applicability to your and/or your customers' day-to-day business, where this would fit best in the broad spectrum ranging from documentation, over installation to standalone tools. Of course, feel free to weigh in on the specific memory recommendations if you take a different approach.

A full provisioning tool like ICM or IKO should (and does) automatically apply this kind of best practices as it also sets up the (virtual) infrastructure IRIS is being deployed to. 

Again, at this point this is really more of an inquiry across our community (that's you! :-) ) than any kind of official InterSystems app.

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Looks nice Benjamin!

I had to use 


to open it. Also, the screenshot on the openexchange page is not showing.

IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2019.1.1 (Build 612_0_19459U) Mon Dec 2 2019 16:11:46 EST (HS-UCR) in a VM.

Could it do automatic measurement of the current machine/VM it is running on, especially memory?