· May 27, 2022

IRIS for Heatlh in a Ubuntu Machine

Hi everyone, I'll be honest with you I don't have much idea how to do this, but I was asked to install IRIS for Health on an AWS ubuntu machine(ssh -i "teleker-net.pem" I will put the real number)). My boss has sent me the .key and .pem files that I am supposed to need for the installation.

I am quite confused with the information that I have found to connect to AWS because it is not that I want to do it from any new, but that I need to connect to a machine that already exists, but I do not think so. I do not know if I explain myself very well. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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As I understand it you are have an existing VM on AWS that you have access too.  When you do the SSH command you indicated you end up at linux command prompt and you need to know how to install IRIS in that environment.  This is a straight installation and not running in a docker container.

All that being the case you need to do the following:

  1. Download the appropriate installation kit from  You can filter the name by 'Health' and the OS by 'Ubuntu' to get a shorter list.
  2. Now use scp to copy that installation file to your AWS environment.  Note scp has similar syntax to the ssh and cp commands.  Google it and you will find many resources for this command
  3. Finally read the documentation on installation.

If you get stuck on any issues come back here or call directly into the Worldwide Response Center

Finally, if you DON'T have an existing environment you can look at InterSystems Cloud Manager to provision and deploy IRIS for Health to a cloud environment.

Much of the documentation refers to deployment with containers. However there is a containerless option too which is covered in one of the subsections off this main page.

I hope this helped you get started.