· Jan 7, 2020

IRIS Community Edition License Count (incl. IRIS for Health CE)

I'm currently working with a developer to add IRIS/Caché functionality to his HL7 analysis tool that would allow its users to extract messages directly from the Ensemble message store. IRIS for Health Community Edition has been a great aid in debugging this, but I keep banging into the 5 connection license limit with Studio, the Management Portal, an IRIS terminal session and a client database connection using either ODBC or ADO.NET. I end up having to close or log off something to be able to continue testing, and in some cases terminate processes that remain open (possibly the fault of the external application/driver).

Since a common dev environment (Studio, MP, and IRIS session) consumes 3 licenses right off the bat, that really leaves only 2 licenses for client testing. Is there any hope/possibility of increasing the licensed connection count to something like 10? I think that would still be restrictive enough to prevent unauthorized commercial use of CE, while giving developers a more forgiving and productive environment.

Comments/thoughts appreciated.

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