Sean Connelly · Dec 3, 2018

IRIS and Cache Installation Compatibility?

It was mentioned in an earlier version of the IRIS documentation that IRIS and Cache should not be installed on the same physical server (port clashes?).

I can't see this warning in the current version of the documentation.

Could someone clarify if this has been resolved in the latest release of IRIS?

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Hi Sean,

IRIS uses different port numbers than Caché and Ensemble so port clashes are not an issue, but there are a few components that are typically shared across instances (e.g. ISCAgent) where consecutive installations of IRIS and Caché might cause trouble. We're documenting these and also other compatibility items of note (such as accessing one platform with the other's xDBC driver) in a guide that will be published shortly.

The general recommendation remains to stick to instances of the same platform (so either all IRIS or all Caché) on a single server. Note that the use of VMs or Containers of course ensures a proper separation of libraries and enables you to run all your favourite cluster setups from the same physical server.