Chip Gore · Mar 29, 2016

I/O Logged messages question

Hi -

I was looking at the “Purge Data Management” page, and one of the “Record Types” is the “I/O Log” which sometimes doesn’t clear when you purge all of the message.

But I’m not sure what it’s actually reporting as “I/O Log” messages (and I can’t find anyplace to view what is being considered I/O Logged Messages - so I can understand what’s happening)

Can anyone shed some light on these messages?

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this is data captured as a result of setting 'archive IO' on a BS or BO.

There is no UI to view the IO log but if you search the documentation for IOLog it will tell you the SQL query to use.

For adapters this is intended to capture information close as close to being the information sent over the wore as possible. However, for many technologies (e.g. CSP or xDBC) that is not very close and there are better ways to capture the information sent over the wire, so this is not as widely used as it once was.

I don't know why it wouldn't be purged if the time created is old enough for you to expect it to be purged.