Inventory of Services/Processes/Operations

Is there a way to get an inventory list of the Services, Processes, Routing, and Operations that are on the system. We get asked constantly from different departments to justify the number of personal we have. We are currently on 2015.2.2, with our upgrade to 2019 set for later this year.




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Within the Production under Production Settings, you should currently find a Document button which will produce a report of everything within your production. However, depending on the production size, this could easily be overkill.

2019 brings a new option called "Interface Maps" where you can get a graphical view of message flows, along with the processes, routers, and rules for the individual sections of your production. It's a lot cleaner than using the Documentation generator, but if you're needing to show multiple routes, you're likely to want to go through each one and take a screenshot. I also found that where I have a router with lots of rules/transforms, I need to scroll the screen to see the bottom of the display.

Information on this can be found here.