· Jul 11, 2021

InterSystems Track Relationship between Menus, Workflow, Workflow Items, Questionaire etc

Hi InterSystems Architects,


Please may I know the relationship between 

1. Menus, Workflows, Workflow Items, Components, Code Tables, etc 

Detailed relationship diagrams, how each element in each of the above are related to another. 

2. When I extracted the data. I see ID number, but they aren't unique or related. I wanted to build a relationship between them myself in the absence of documents but I am missing the critical unique primary key of each and how they are referred in another table.

Your help is appreciated and let me know if you need any specific (Non Confidential) information to get help.

Product version: HealthShare 2020.2
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This is my Understanding:

From objects - Classes (components) are designed - For example: web.PAPerson is the class and I wanted to search for it in the Element Reference Map, but I could not find. So I need more details here and understanding. 

2. Based on design, Elements are grouped to form Components 

3. Based on design Components are grouped in the Workflow Items ( Again I need explanation here) and they may also be derived from code tables.

4. Based on Design Work is set up deriving from Components ? 

5. Based on user flow, series of Work flow Items are grouped to form Workflow Managers 

6. Based on Design workflow managers are linked to Menus Mangers. Menu Headers etc 

Please can you help me fill in the above gaps, corrections and relevant documents, where I can trace from fundamental non divisible element to user form that can be configurable. 

Many Thanks

You should understand that while InterSystems employees are on the community this is really a public forum and not an "official" support path.  Questions are answered by the  community at large when they can.  For people in the forum to help more information is needed.  You indicated you are working with HealthShare however this is really a family of solutions. Which specific product are you referring to?  What part of that product are you trying understand better?  The more specific you can be the easier it is for the community to help.

If you have an immediate need I would suggest that you contact the Worldwide Response Center (referred to as the WRC) for immediate support.  Here is the contact information:

+44 (0) 844 854 2917
0800615658 (NZ Toll Free)
1800 628 181 (Aus Toll Free)


Finally, learning services ( and documentation (docs.intersystems.coms) can be of great help.  For HealthShare specific areas you do need to be a registered HealthShare user.  If you are not work with your organization and the WRC to get that updated.