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Hi @Steven Potashnyk 
Firstly thank you a ton for answer. Finally, I got response to a question here (my first). Please can you give me the updated reference to the link you have provided, says link cannot be reached. Is there any updated link, (Actually I am not able to access even the parent link the Documentation Tab)
Also thank you for the response. Much appreciated. I am not sure, how the way JOINS used is different to standard ANSI SQL standards, but this code and the working examples should give me data to co-relate and understand more.

Does this apply to tables as links, example: If PAC_FacilityType is linked to table CT_Hospital  ? There are some tables show linked to code tables and are highlighted when there a data in the CT_Hospital. 

PAC_FacilityType component Items does not have any related or common Primary key to CT_Hospital except layout says, Parent link that is a string.  Even Select * from PAC_FacilityType throws error even though, component Items clearly has that table.  Thank you very much again.

Hi Intersystems,

I am still waiting for the answer and knowledge so that I can understand your application better. This shouldn't take this long, I was expecting an answer within 24 hours so that I can continue my learning. 

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