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Thank you very much and much appreciated. I will wait and if not specific to SS_User, is there a standard check list approach to take when referring to tables with data type String. a link in the code table, where it gets bold, enabled only when table data is filled in. 

Note: From existing code, CT_Loc joined with "websys.StandardTypeItem on( ParRef = Locationtype)

So I checked the ParRef, they are many and there are many types of websys tables some tables some not tables. but unsure, when to refer to what ? if that is the linkage to be done. 

If I know the standard approach, It would be easy and if that is documented with different types of these 

User epr web websys lab Custom Report. Is there a document which defines, what these are and how to use them to link what code table, that would I think help.

Now how I get these relationships from the Tackcare application , I do not have access to actual code, tables etc. I only have backend access and I have to pull reports, table relationships etc. How I am doing now is is via the "Components" (That should also answer your question). 
attached picture would give complete details. 


Thank you very much. It is unfortunate that I lost the precious detailed explanation and I am greatly appreciative and thankful for these details. This information should be really useful

So as I apply your knowledge to 

Question 1: From SS_User Table, As I need to fetch the details "OtherUserLoc" which has no SQL table or SQL column defined as extracted from the Trackcare - > Component - >Items  

1. There is no indication prefix, postfix about the storage type

2. As "OtherUserLoc" is not a SQL table/column, I am not able to establish any relationship. So please can you help me, how can I know if "OtherUserLoc" data is in ParamRef? 

For example; In the CT_Loc table, there is a no reference to ParamRef but when writing query,  Join is made between CT_loc & ParamRef on CT_loc.code = ParamRef.code (No Idea, how we can figure it out, that will help me to extract information about other tables).

2. Yes, I a using Dbeaver, as per the screenshot above, Dbeaver is showing a relationship between CT_Loc and CT_LocPType but not PAC_FacilityType and other tables? Can you help me?

Hi @Warlin Garcia 

Firstly Thank you for the response.
Please may I know what more details you need for both 1 and 2 questions above.

1. For question 1 is most common scenario in Trackcare, example "Other logon locations" highlighted has no SQL table or SQL table, it is a String datatype (Link). Such instances are common and if you can help me how to approach towards solution to this specific issue and any reference examples, that would be so useful. Also let me know what specific information you need to get help. 

2. The solution is known "CT_Hospital"  is linked to "PAC_Hospital" and I am keen to know how as user, should know if I am working on different table, ERD did show the relationship between two tables automatically but not for other tables, I know are related. 

3. How do we know how System Parameters are related and how to know from the tables Like "ParamRef" 

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