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InterSystems Package Manager ZPM 0.2.7 release

We released a new version of ZPM, with a set of great enhancements:

  • $zpm function
  • new arguments for search command
  • and more!

See the details below

$zpm function

With $zpm function you can execute ZPM commands programmatically and get the status.

set sc=$zpm("install new-module")

Search command

Most often, ZPM works with the registry. Now more than 100 applications are published in this registry, and their number is constantly increasing.
We've added an argument to the search command that lets you specify the application name or part of the application name.

zpm: USER>search zpm
zpm 0.2.7

Use  an asterisk for any sequence of characters

zpm: USER>search zpm*
zpm          0.2.7
zpm-registry 1.0.9
zpmshow      1.0.1

We added the -d (-description) flag.
When this flag is specified, a short description will be shown for each package in the list of found packages.

Package authors should specify the description in the module.xml filе.

Dark theme

If you are using a dark theme in terminal (or VS Code) try this new feature in ZPM which will affect the output in the search command.

Use  config set ColorScheme dark to set dark theme, and config delete ColorScheme to reset to default

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I really like the opportunity to see which modules are installed in which namespaces. And quickly go there without leaving the shell of the ZPM.

zpm: USER>help zn

namespace [<name>]

Alias: zn

  See list modules in namespace and go to the namespace



      Name namespace, * or context name*


zn *

      Show all modules in all namespaces

zn sql*

      Show all modules in namespaces by context