Renan Lourenco · Mar 9, 2020 2m read

InterSystems IRIS for Health ENSDEMO (supports arm64)

InterSystems IRIS for Health ENSDEMO

Yet another basic setup of ENSDEMO content into InterSystems IRIS for Health.

Make sure you have Docker up and running before starting.


Clone the repository to your desired directory

git clone

Once the repository is cloned, execute:

Always make sure you are inside the main directory to execute docker-compose commands.

docker-compose build

Run your Container

After building the image you can simply execute below and you be up and running 🚀:

-d will run the container detached of your command line session

docker-compose up -d

You can now access the manager portal through http://localhost:9092/csp/sys/%25CSP.Portal.Home.zen

  • Username: SuperUser
  • Password: SYS
  • SuperServer port: 9091
  • Web port: 9092
  • Namespace: ENSDEMO


To start a terminal session execute:

docker exec -it ensdemo iris session iris

To start a bash session execute:

docker exec -it ensdemo /bin/bash

Using InterSystems ObjectScript Visual Studio Code extension, you can access the code straight from vscode


Stop your Container

docker-compose stop

Support to ZPM

zpm "install irishealth-ensdemo"
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Is it available for InterSystems IRIS?

Haven't tested but I would guess yes, I will run some tests changing the version in Dockerfile and post the outcome here.

Also available as ZPM module now: 

USER>zpm "install irishealth-ensdemo"
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Reload START (/usr/irissys/mgr/.modules/USER/irishealth-ensdemo/1.0.0/)
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Reload SUCCESS
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Module object refreshed.
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Validate START
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Validate SUCCESS
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Compile START
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Compile SUCCESS
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Activate START
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Configure START
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Configure SUCCESS
[irishealth-ensdemo]    MakeDeployed START
[irishealth-ensdemo]    MakeDeployed SUCCESS
[irishealth-ensdemo]    Activate SUCCESS


Here is the set of productions available:

Is there any documentation on what the ens-demo module can do? 

Unfortunately not as I'd like it to have. Even when ENSDEMO was part of Ensemble information was a bit scattered all over. 

If you access the Ensemble documentation and search for "Demo." you can see some of the references I mentioned. (since IRIS does not have ENSDEMO by default, documentation has also been removed)

Thanks, @Renan Lourenco !

Perhaps, we could wrap this part of the documentation as a module too. Could be a nice extension to the app.

I like your idea @Evgeny Shvarov !! How do you envision that, a simple index with easy access like:

  • DICOM:
    • Link1
    • Link2
  • HL7
    • Link1
    • Link2

Or something more elaborated?

Also would that be a separate module altogether or part of the existing?

I see that the documentation pages are IRIS CSP classes. So I guess it could work if installed in IRIS. I guess also there is a set of static files (FILECOPY could help).

IMHO, the reasonable approach to have a separate repo ensdemo-doc and a separate module the, which will be a dependent module to irishealth-ensdemo

So people could contribute to documentation independently and update it independently too.

I had my bit of fun with documentation before, they are not as straightforward as they appear to be. That's why I thought of having a separate index.