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· Jan 11

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML are now Generally Available

InterSystems is pleased to announce the General Availability of InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML, two foundational services for developing cloud-native solutions powered by the proven, enterprise-class performance and reliability of InterSystems IRIS technology. 

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL is a fully managed cloud service that brings the power of InterSystems IRIS relational database capabilities used by thousands of enterprise customers to a broad audience of application developers and data professionals. InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML is an option to this database-as-a-service that offers easy access to powerful Automated Machine Learning capabilities in a SQL-native form, through a set of simple SQL commands that can easily be embedded in application code to augment them with ML models that run close to the data.

The new offering is available from the AWS marketplace, and customers can subscribe to them using their AWS account. To encourage experimentation and developer creativity, new subscribers automatically receive a $300 credit for running deployments of any size. Beyond this free credit, customers will be billed through their AWS account.

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL, and the Cloud IntegratedML add-on, are foundational services in the InterSystems Cloud portfolio, and complement a number of successful earlier software-as-a-service offerings for the healthcare and financial services markets. They are building blocks for a composability approach to implement solutions that are easy to provision, scale, and operate in today’s fast-moving technology landscape.  

Please check out the full press release and additional resources on the Developer Hub and get started today!

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