Anastasia Dyubaylo · Oct 9, 2018

InterSystems Global Summit 2018 Highlights

Hi Community!

I want to share with you my impressions of Global Summit 2018.

It was my first time in the USA and my first Global Summit. And I can say that it was really amazing trip and a great experience!

And here are some key highlights of my choice:

1. This year we had a special Global Masters Meeting Point under my direction. There, all the summit participants could learn more about our gamification platform, ask questions, share ideas, check out some samples of rewards and, of course, register and get their first points.  

What is more, many of our Advocates were awarded with special Badges for their active participation in Global Masters and Developer Community life. It was great to meet Developer Community Heroes in person, congratulations again! 

2. Developer Community Flash Talks and the launch of InterSystems Open Exchange — a marketplace of Solutions, Interfaces, Plugins and Tools build with and build for InterSystems Data Platforms. Big applause goes to all the speakers, @Eduard Lebedyuk, @Dmitry Maslennikov, @John Murray, @Daniel Tamajon, @Evgeny Shvarov and @Peter Steiwer,  thank you guys!  yes

3. Global Summit Partner Pavilion was really full of people involved in interesting conversations. Please find more photos on DC Twitter.


4. A great activity on social networks, especially on Twitter. Here are some facts:

  • More than 1,000 Tweets were posted with our special #GlobalSummit18 hashtag and garnered about 2 million impressions
  • The Hashtag #GlobalSummit18 was in top 20 Twitter Hashtags worldwide (11th place).
  • We had 9 Broadcasts in DC Twitter and 2 Broadcasts in YouTube and in total more than 3,000 views.



What about you? We're waiting of your stories from InterSystems Global Summit 2018!

Please share your impressions with our special #GlobalSummit18 hashtag!  wink

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