Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 1, 2016

InterSystems Global Summit 2016 Free Registration Contest. And the winner is...

Hi Community!

I'm pleased to announce that  the winner of the Global Summit Free Registration Contest is...

 Dmitry Maslennikov!

Final leaderboard is:

To win the prize Dmitry published 3 posts and 13 comments in two weeks. Thanks to your votes for posts and comments Dmitry gathered maximum number of points.

We award Dmitry with Free Registration promo code for InterSystems Global Summit 2016 and cover expenses for 4 night stay in Waldorf Astoria Arizona Biltmore.

Welcome to InterSystems Global Summit 2016!

2 0 7 303
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Congratulations! I am looking forward to meeting you at the Global Summit.


So first off, I think Dmitry deserved to win, but I do have a question.

In this post, dated Feb 19th, I had 55 points.  On the 26th I posted asking about it and my score was at 50.  4 days later and my final score is still 50 (after a lot more posts).  

What's the deal?


edit: Just realized that posts to the Developer Community Feedback forum didn't count, which explains why my points didn't go up.  But it still doesn't explain why they went down.  :)

Scott - I am sure Evgeny will provide some clarification here once he gets online.  Thanks for your patience!

Hi, Scott!

You are right!

The explanation is very simple - we had a bug in formula.  Sorry about this.

But the final leaderboard is quite right! 

We have points for: posting, commenting, votes in your posts and comments. 

And yes, we filter Announcements and Developer Community Feedback groups.