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InterSystems Global Masters and Open Exchange: Pull Request and Bugs Bounty Challenges Explained

Hi Developers!

Recently we announced two new challenges on Global Masters: 'Bugs Bounty' and 'Pull Requests'.

And we are getting a lot of submits to the challenges which are not the thing we are expecting there. So I hope this post will give some shine to this quest.

'Bugs Bounty'

Ok! What are we expecting from 'Bugs bounty'?

There are a lot of Open Exchange solutions that come with public open-source repositories on Github: project and repoanother project and the repo, another one and its repo, and many more on Open Exchange.

The idea of the challenge is to install the solution or the tool which has Github repo, test it and if you find the bug submit an issue. E.g. to the repo of this project.

And then submit the link to the issue to the 'Bugs Bounty' challenge on Global Masters - we will check the link and send you the points.

If repo maintainer close the issue send it to us again and get even more points!

That's it! What is the next one?

'Pull Request'

This is a somewhat related challenge to 'Bugs Bounty' - this could be a fix to the bug you find with the previous challenges. Let me explain it a bit. 

We invite you not only to find bugs but also to fix it! And the way how you can do it with Github are Pull Requests or PR.

How to make a PR? You fork the repo, clone it to your local machine, fix the bug, commit and push changes to your fork repo and then create a pull request. Check the video about Github Pull Requests and the video on How to Make Github Pull Requests with InterSystems IRIS.

Once you created you can submit the link to the pull request into the challenge and collect your GM points.  Check the example of the PR.

Moreover! If repo maintainer accepts your pull request you get even more points!

And you can fix not only bugs you find - you can 'pull request' for any issue listed in the repo you know how to fix.

And this could be not only the bug but enhancement.

I hope this helps in understanding and we are looking for new issues posted and pull requests submitted!

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