· May 21, 2019

InterSystems Developers in Spanish!

Hi Community!

I'm pleased to announce the official start of InterSystems Developer Community in Spanish!

Here is the landing page which describes the thing:

Also, you can switch between sites using two language buttons in the top right corner.


If you know Spanish welcome to contribute articles, discuss articles and answer questions about InterSystems data platforms now in Spanish too!


If you posted an article in English it could be translated by anyone in Spanish and will be helpful for even more people! Check the translation guide.

And! You can expand the audience and translate your question into another language  - just click the "Es" switcher in your English question and proceed with translation - the translated question will be generated in another language. For Example:


And let me introduce you @David Reche from InterSystems Iberia office as creator and now as a manager of InterSystems Developer Community in Spanish!

Don't hesitate to provide your feedback to David how to make Spanish InterSystems community better!

Welcome to InterSystems Developers Community in Spanish, and stay tuned!

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If we have a lot of votes will consider to add it.

Do we still have to vote for this?

On-my enough one moreover, that moderators (you and Dmitry) and engineers InterSystems (Eduard, Alexander, Anton, Sergey, Anastasia, Timur, etc.) - Russian-speaking.

I have one problem with it - if we introduce Russian Community, will you stop answering questions in English?)

  1. I here like writing code more than words.
  2. It will depend on who is asking.