$LIST string format and %DynamicArray and %DynamicObject classes

IRIS, and previously Cache, contain several different ways to create a sequence containing a mixture of data values.  A data sequence that has been available for many years is the $LIST string.  Another more recent data sequence is the %DynamicArray class, which along with the %DynamicObject class, is part of the IRIS support for JSON string representation.  These two sequences involve very different tradeoffs.

$LIST String Format

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Use %VarString instead of %String - it has default length of 3 641 144 characters.

In this article, we will explore the development of an IRIS client for consuming RESTful API services that have been developed to the OData API standard.

We will be exploring a number of built-in IRIS libraries for making HTTP requests, reading and writing to JSON payloads, and seeing how we can use them in combination to build a generic client adaptor for OData. We will also explore the new JSON adapter for deserializing JSON into persistent objects.

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Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the Evaluation Service is now LIVE!

If you are an InterSystems End User or an InterSystems Partner and you want to try the latest version of IRIS with all its enterprise features (mirroring, ECP and sharding), and you want it NOW, this is for you.

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It's the zero point for MUMPS based languages. It shows that way if your session has no timeout. From James Poitras on why:

A little bit $translate(), a little bit of $zstrip() and the job is done (in the example below, I want to keep parenthesis)

set str="abcd(123)/,op(56)*&^%$987ABC"

write $tr(str,$zstrip(str,"*AN","()"),$j("",$l(str)))
what to keep generell ------^^^
what to keep extra --------------^^


Pool size is 5 :-)

I've been looking for an example of one item that take a little long, as most of them are completed in less than 0.3 seconds. This is a full trace:

I can see the component that takes long, but not as much as the average shown at the analytics :)

After upgrading I ran a $SYSTEM.OBJ.CompileAllNamespaces("u"). What I got in return was kind of a shock.

In reviewing errors I am seeing code being referenced but no longer applies. It is referring to stuff that might of been defined in the Context , Formal Spec ,Thread , etc.

ERROR #5373: Class 'osuwmc.CPD.DataStructures.TblPharmacyDEA', used by 'osuwmc.CPD.BusinessOperation:SelectProviderTempDEA:FormalSpec', does not exist

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Hello everyone,
After some work with IRIS we want to share our ToolBox-4-Iris with you.

What is this about?

The ToolBox-4-Iris is an API for IRIS with a collection of handy and useful tools - features that are not available in IRIS, but greatly simplify application development. To save time and effort on the "typical tools" that every developer needs. This includes additional classes, individual methods or even more efficient macros, which are described in the respective packages.


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Hi Developers!

InterSystems Developers Community today unites more than 6,000 developers from all over the world. Since 2016, our community has been growing and improving for you, our dear developers! 

Together we've done a lot over these years, and much more is planned for the future!

So, who makes our community better every day? Who tries for all of us and improves the space for developers?

Let's warmly greet our team:

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Hi, everyone!

I want to share a personal project that started with a simple request at work: 

Is it's possible to know how many Caché licenses we are using? 

Reading other articles here in the community, I found this excellent article by  David Loveluck 

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Cogs Library

Over the next few months I will be releasing a number of open source libraries and tools to the Caché community.

Most of the code has evolved from previous production grade solutions over the years and I am collating it together under a single overarching library package that I am calling Cogs.

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The last time that I created a playground for experimenting with machine learning using Apache Spark and an InterSystems data platform,  see Machine Learning with Spark and Caché, I installed and configured everything directly on my laptop: Caché, Python, Apache Spark, Java, some Hadoop libraries, to name a few. It required some effort, but eventually it worked.

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