Unfortunately, I don't have yet, any good solution for now, as store your sources in XML format. You can export them with /exportversion=cache2018.1  flag, with your Studio SourceControl class. IRIS will upgrade source code for Caché and downgrade when you export them with the flag.

Btw, you can have sources in XML and use the modern VSCode-ObjectScript editor.

I face the challenge to have a bunch of classes on IRIS and CACHÉ in parallel
until all systems are migrated to IRIS.

Applying changes in Caché development environment and moving  to IRIS is no problem

But if I have to apply a fix on IRIS there seems to be no clean way back to Caché. 

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Why log in to view pivot tables when you can have them delivered directly to your inbox? Are you in need of automated reporting for InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence? Pivot Subscriptions is your solution: a tool for subscribing to scheduled email reports of pivot tables inside InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence (previously known as DeepSee).

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$LIST string format and %DynamicArray and %DynamicObject classes

IRIS, and previously Cache, contain several different ways to create a sequence containing a mixture of data values.  A data sequence that has been available for many years is the $LIST string.  Another more recent data sequence is the %DynamicArray class, which along with the %DynamicObject class, is part of the IRIS support for JSON string representation.  These two sequences involve very different tradeoffs.

$LIST String Format

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Use %VarString instead of %String - it has default length of 3 641 144 characters.

In this article, we will explore the development of an IRIS client for consuming RESTful API services that have been developed to the OData API standard.

We will be exploring a number of built-in IRIS libraries for making HTTP requests, reading and writing to JSON payloads, and seeing how we can use them in combination to build a generic client adaptor for OData. We will also explore the new JSON adapter for deserializing JSON into persistent objects.

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Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the Evaluation Service is now LIVE!

If you are an InterSystems End User or an InterSystems Partner and you want to try the latest version of IRIS with all its enterprise features (mirroring, ECP and sharding), and you want it NOW, this is for you.

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It's the zero point for MUMPS based languages. It shows that way if your session has no timeout. From James Poitras on why:

A little bit $translate(), a little bit of $zstrip() and the job is done (in the example below, I want to keep parenthesis)

set str="abcd(123)/,op(56)*&^%$987ABC"

write $tr(str,$zstrip(str,"*AN","()"),$j("",$l(str)))
what to keep generell ------^^^
what to keep extra --------------^^