· Dec 2, 2019

InterSystems Developers Community Release, December 2019

Hi Developers!

Here is what's we introduced in Developers Community features and UI last month:

  • Pinned topics for main feed and tags;
  • One-click unsubscribe option in every email we send;
  • A 'new' indicator for the posts and comments;
  • Notification of changes made by moderators;
  • Articles without translation don't show 'access denied' anymore.

See the details below!

Pinned topics

Important news and posts now could be pinned to the top of the main feed and tags. I think this will be very used by partners - tag owners.

One-click unsubscribe action

If you don't want to receive any email notifications from Developers Community now you can unsubscribe now with one click.

New indicator

DC marks with New indicator posts and comments you haven't seen yet since your last visit. And removes the indicator once you do.

Also, you may find useful a New filter in the filter list:


Notifications of changes made by moderators

We have moderators on DC, and they work. Since this release, you will get a 'diff' notification of what changes moderators made to your post to make moderators' work more clear and visible.

No 'Access denied for  the posts without translation

As you know, we are the two-languages community since May 2019! And every post has a switcher to another language.

And if there is a translation you see the translated post. If there is no translation you see the UI to request a translation. If you are logged in. If not - you saw 'Access denied', now we fixed it.

Also, we fixed a lot of bugs and introduced new tasks!

Add your requests, contribute to InterSystems Developers Community, and stay tuned!

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