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Thank you for your work! Atelier field test is really cool.

Just two questions:
- Is there any chance to extend 15 days period of test? It would be great (I can't test it full time).
- Can we access to Atelier Ensemble Test server with Studio? I've tried, but I couldn't. It would be very helpful to compare working with Atelier and Studio at the same time with the same code.

Kind regards!

Since you work on the client with Atelier, and only use the server for deployment/compilation/debugging, it does not matter if you need to restart the server every two days, and it allows bug fixes to be deployed automatically. If you export to XML from Atelier and use source control on a system using Studio, then you should see the code automically refresh in Studio when you open the file.

The test is not limited to two weeks. That was simply the expiration on the license. We updated the beta facility with a new version and a more generous license. Happy coding!

I can confirm that it doesn't matter when my cloud instance goes away, I just go back to the portal and deploy the new version and bugs that I found over the last few weeks are usually simply fixed.

Is there a way to force my "instance" to expire/update without waiting the two weeks?

What's the right support channel to use for the cloud-based Atelier FT server? I log in at https://wrc.intersystems.com/wrc/BetaPortalCloud.csp and click the "Launch Server" button. The button disappears immediately and is replaced by text saying "Your Atelier Server has been launched,
it will run for the next (expired)." and when I click on the xxx-.isc.appsembler.com/csp/sys/UtilHome.csp URL I am offered I get a page reading "

No Application Configured

This domain is not associated with an application.


John -


The WRC is handling any calls with regard to the beta cloud portal. I saw this and reached out to the cloud provider as the issue is coming from their side. I will let you know as soon as I hear back.

Hi Bill,

When will the official release be out? Have been waiting since the 2015 after our 2014 conference when we heard it would by done by end of 2015? Really exited not to work on Windows anymore and also not using studio in remote connections as it chews bandwidth and tends to be really slow.

Any progress on this yet? My 1.0.90 Atelier's "Check for Updates" still tells me it finds none. I've already updated my 2016.2 FT instance to the latest you've published (build 721), so I expect my Atelier won't play well with that until it gets updated too.

A new kit will be posted this week, probably today.

Updated just now and received build 232. Thanks.