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Intersystem Cache — High Performence and Operations DBMS

About Intersystem Cache :

                                      Intersystem Cache is a commercial operational database management system from intersystem, used to develop healthcare management, banking and financial, government sectors software applications.

                                      InterSystems Cache is the world’s fastest object database. However, high performance is achieved only for transactional operations that have a significantly hierarchical nature

                                               Cache stores data in multidimensional arrays capable of carrying hierarchically structured data. These are the same “global” data structures used by the MUMPS programming language. Cache is object oriented language, MUMPS is procedural language. All Cache code gets transpiled to MUMPS code (internally) before being compiled.InterSystems like to brand Cache as a post-relational database. In reality, it is:

  • pre-relational (NOSQL)
  • relational
  • and post-relational

Best RealTime Example:

                                                A famous example of Cache’s abilities is the European Space Agency’s decision to use it in one of their missions. ESA’s GAIA observatory is tasked with surveying a billion stars in our galaxy, generating an astronomical amount of data in the process. It turns out that Cache was the only DBMS capable of storing and manipulating this vast amount of data in a reasonable amount of time on hardware that is not out of this world.

Industry wise Inter systems Users: (*image referred by enlyft site)


List of top companies are using Intersystem Products: (*image referred by enlyft site)



*I removed countries wise data:


Comparison Between Intersystem Cache ,MSSQL and Oracle:


  1. Business logic is much simpler,
  2. Easier to get high performance
  3. We can store the data as three ways like Key-Value storage (MUMPS) ,Object Oriented storage and RDBMS storage.


  1. Smaller market for developers.



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The list of companies from is totally wrong.
Even if you just look at Electronic Health Record  you miss important countries like whole Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, China, ...
and beyond that whole middle and eastern Europe and especially Russia. Where is Japan ?

Just as a signal how massively wrong these figures are:
My small Austria has more companies using Intersystems products than this 26 counting for India.

I'd suggest you contact Intesystems Marketing for REAL figures.
Your source is just faked information.

I think it's both

#1 missing a lot of important countries

#2 wrong (or very aged)  since FRANCE: 20  would mean to have 1 employee by customer . This simply can't match.
I think a look at the WRC registry might give some feeling on the dimensions.  (without disclosing details)  

For my case 5 yrs back picking out 1 of my partners which had >30 installations at 30 companies.
Could be they count "Intersystems Only"  -  but that's not stated nor does it make sense.

walking through their web pages you see fast who is their preferred product supplier. no need to mention