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Inside GmOwl: A Guide to Quiz Functionality

GmOwl is a solution that offers an organized and engaging learning platform. It was developed to cater to the increasing need, for learning tools providing a versatile quiz environment that meets users requirements.

The main objective of GmOwl is to deliver an user experience for individuals participating in quizzes while giving administrators comprehensive control, over content and user engagement.

GmOwl uses Java EE with MVC template, and the InterSystems IRIS database is used to store data. The InterSystems JDBC Driver is used to connect to the database.

This article intends to examine the features and principles of GmOwl.

Basic Features

Like most web applications, this one is no exception and has a basic set of functions: registration, authorization, home and profile pages. So, to access the site's functionality, you need to register and log in. After that, you can start taking tests.

Quiz Features

Taking a quiz

Once the quiz is started, the user can select answers and save the answers.

Viewing the quiz results

After taking the quiz, users can see their own results. They can also be viewed in the user's profile in the future.

Admin Features

Administrator can manage (edit/block/unblock/delete) all user accounts. But the most important thing is that the administrator can add and manage new quizzes. So let's take a closer look at it.

Adding New Quiz

The administrator can enter such information for new quiz as: name, subject, select difficulty (easy, normal, hard) and duration in minutes.

Adding Questions

After quiz creation an administrator can add questions to it. The question consists of a text and answers (from 2 to 4).

Changing the Status of Quiz

When the administrator has finished adding questions to the quiz and wants to publish it, they need to change the status to desired.

Database Diagram

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