· Jun 20, 2022

INSERT Statement not working

Hi all

I'm struggling to insert into a table, and it is baffling me. The insert statement is now very simple (I was using a complex INSERT SELECT statement but I'm trying to narrow down the problem).

Insert statement:

INSERT INTO Phu_Replay_Schema.ReplayMessageModel (Completed, MessageHeaderId, NewHeaderId, NewTargetName) VALUES (true, 3616, null, 'Router_ReplayHL7')

I get a SQLCODE -12 error, and I can't understand why: A term expected, beginning with one of the following: identifier, constant, aggregate, $$, :, (, +, -, %ALPHAUP, %EXACT, %MVR, %SQLSTRING, %SQLUPPER, %STRING, %TRUNCATE, or %UPPER>]

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something blatantly obvious, but I just cant see it! I've tried a load of variations but to no avail.

Thank you!

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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