· Mar 9, 2018

Incrementing Session ID through BPL

I have several BPL's that act like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) where they are transferring data. When I do this they are all being written under 1 session id, is it possible to make the BPL create multiple session ID's as it is cycling through a Snapshot, so it is easier to read in the trace?


Scott Roth

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Can I still add code in Business Studio and it maintain integrity to be able to still open in the BPL editor?

It's easier to use one tool to modify BPL.  <assign> is available in UI so you can add it without writing XML at all.

  then the BPL hung.

I tested that behavior in BS only and it works there fine there.  Maybe it causes BP to break. You can try to set SessionId just before sending request to other BP or BO and then reinstating old SesionId  value back. That way persistent  session value on disc would stay the same and BP can maybe survive unload from memory.

My recommendation is to iterate over result set in BS rather than BP, then send each new snapshot (preferably preprocessed  in BS) to BP with new session for each object.