Robert Cemper · May 17, 2022 1m read

Importance of the Online Demo Server facility

In March'22 you may have seen an invitation to 
Share a Demo of Your Open Exchange Application
The service behind it - InterSystems Online Demo Server (ODS) - is not something new

I saw it first during InterSystems Developer Tools Contest in March '21 as Bonus points.
Meanwhile, it became a fixed Bonus item over the later contests. Also the actual #24. 
And by today we see already 80 packages listed in OEX as available on ODS.

To me  the advantage for developers is apparent:

  • You give your "Customer" direct access to your product
    • Video is also a great promotion tool. 
    • But that YOU know to use your own product is not so impressive  
  • Your Docker container is built in a "normed" installation
    • No doubt Docker is an impressive tool.
    • But there are various flavors on Win, MAC, and Linux that may cause headaches.
    • I skip my personal stories on special features and settings.
    • Your "Customer" saves time to get a quick view of your offer
    • You can be sure that he sees what you have planned for him to see 
    • You have no problem with ports and other "local" variations of the container

So hear my message:

Use the offer of the ODS facility for better visibility and more Bonus points!

I'm sure, YOU are a winner !

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Great article, thank you @Robert Cemper I had not noticed this service before.  Definitely looks like a great value-add for developers to showcase their hard work!!

btw, your "share a demo of your open exchange application" link is broken

Thank you @Ben Spead!
I have to pass on the Flowers and Congratulations to @Evgeny Shvarov and his Team,
who did all the development and implementation and maintenance!

I'm just the happy consumer.

BTW. the link is fixed.

Thanks @Robert Cemper! It’s a teamwork indeed!

And I’m glad that community gets the value in the service -  seeing HOW it works in a demo saves a lot of time for developers if the app does what they are looking for and it’s increases the quality of the app obviously by the fact that it just works!

80 demos! It’s a lot! Thanks to all the developers!

Hi @John Murray ! Yes, changed the contest to demo, now it can be used too. The only piece you need to make your project deployed as a demo is to add this file to your repo.

And the docker image name is matching with the repo name - so change the name in the document to your repo here and the line below.


YES it works !     

IMAGE_NAME:   iris-google-run-demo
SERVICE:      deploy-demo

The domain should end   
just like all others