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Importance of the Online Demo Server facility

In March'22 you may have seen an invitation to 
Share a Demo of Your Open Exchange Application
The service behind it - InterSystems Online Demo Server (ODS) - is not something new

I saw it first during InterSystems Developer Tools Contest in March '21 as Bonus points.
Meanwhile, it became a fixed Bonus item over the later contests. Also the actual #24. 
And by today we see already 80 packages listed in OEX as available on ODS.

To me  the advantage for developers is apparent:

  • You give your "Customer" direct access to your product
    • Video is also a great promotion tool. 
    • But that YOU know to use your own product is not so impressive  
  • Your Docker container is built in a "normed" installation
    • No doubt Docker is an impressive tool.
    • But there are various flavors on Win, MAC, and Linux that may cause headaches.
    • I skip my personal stories on special features and settings.
    • Your "Customer" saves time to get a quick view of your offer
    • You can be sure that he sees what you have planned for him to see 
    • You have no problem with ports and other "local" variations of the container

So hear my message:

Use the offer of the ODS facility for better visibility and more Bonus points!

I'm sure, YOU are a winner !

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