· Apr 19, 2017

Images dropping from posts

I've been creating some posts with embedded images, and some of the images seem to stop resolving after a period of time.  I've resaved them, and that has helped temporarily, but I just checked and one of the images is now not resolving again.  Is there a limit to the number of images on a post, or should I be using a specific filename pattern?




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I don't know if this is related, but recently when I've been posting images in new articles, or in answers or comments, I sometimes upload my standard filename (Capture.PNG) but the image that appears in the DC editor window is wrong. It often seems to be one that I've previously uploaded, though not necessarily my most recent previous upload. I delete it in the editor, repeat the upload, and it's usually OK the second time. I recall once having to do two retries. I'm using Firefox 53.0 on Windows 10.

Anyone else seeing this kind of event?