· Apr 21, 2016

iFind index missing data

I've been using iFind indices in one of my applications but this morning discovered that the index is missing data. I confirmed the issue also exists in our test environment and rebuilt the indices there. That seems to have fixed the immediate problem. However I'd like to understand how this came about to avoid it happening in the future.

Has anyone encountered this before and know the cause?

We've regularly upgraded the Ensemble instance when new releases come out and are now on 2016.1. We've been using the indices for just over a year without issue except that sometimes this error comes up:
ERROR #5821: Cannot instantiate query: 'SQLCODE = -149, %msg = Index method crm.Question.QuestionIndexFind(...) failed with error: SQLCODE=-400,%msg=ERROR #5002: Cache error: <CLASS DOES NOT EXIST>zQuestionIndexFind+2^crm.Question.1 *crm.Question.gZOndQ [zQuestionIndexFind+2^crm.Question.1:HERMES]'

We're been able to resolve that by recompiling the class, but I'm not sure what the root cause it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Orion,

I haven't heard about index data simply disappearing. There should be no reason for that other than calls to %PurgeIndices() or manually dropping the globals containing the data (including ^ISC.IF* ones containing entities and words shared across the namespace). Another potential issue may arise when importing (at a global level) only either the index or the shared data, resulting in them no longer being in sync. Any chance any of that could have happened?

For the missing class, that might be due to a class import as well, after which not all related classes were recompiled to reflect the changes.

Which version are you working on? Some of those recompiling issues may have been addressed in recent versions.

Perhaps the WRC is a better place to get the appropriate follow-up for specific issues like this one.