· Apr 11, 2022

I need to remove double quotes (") from a string

I need to remove double quotes (") from a string and can't remember how to escape it in input string in ReplaceStr or Strip.  

Thanks in advance

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That removes all " characters, while these are indeed doublequote's, someone could also mean "" where there are double quotes, as in quotes inside a quoted string (str="this is a quote"".")

For that


or I find it more readable to use the ASCII value so to remove


or to replace with a single "


Leon has not made a return comment and his original question would be ambiguous to some people.  I often call the " character, the 'double quote' character while I often call the ' character the 'single quote' character.  Other names I might use for the " character are 'quotation character' or 'ditto mark'.  Other names for the ' character would be 'apostrophe' or 'apostrophe quotation character'.  [[Notice I am using apostrophe quotation characters in this comment.]]  I might describe "" characters as 'doubled quotation characters' or 'doubled double quotes'.

Since Leon asked to 'remove double quotes (") from a string' my first impression would be to remove all " characters from the string.  I.e., every $C(32) should be removed.  If Leon wanted to only remove 'doubled quotation characters' then he probably would have written 'remove double quotes ("") from a string'.