Therlande Louis Jean · Oct 27, 2021

I need to implement UPS API in my website

I have a website where I offer shipping services. I need to implement UPS API in my website. I already did all the basic tasks such as create my UPS developer account, download the packages... Now I want to start with the project but I don't have no idea about how to start. UPS doesn't give any instruction or example about that.

P.S: I have knowledge in the basic language such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS and MySQL...

Please can someone help me with that?

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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4 questions:

  • What is your experience in Intersystems ObjectScript ?
  • Did you see this post?  UPS - Webservice Integration 
  • UPS API is country-specific. Which country ?
  • Which service do you plan to implement?

Thank you so much @Robert Cemper for trying to help me. 

I want to implement UPS API in a webservice platform using the language that I mention in my post. I have made multiple research, read document and examples from UPS web developer. I already have my Access Key and all the APIs zip files downloaded from UPS. However, all post that I found online, including the one you suggest me doesn't give the basic start step such as how to connect my API to UPS server using Json or PHP files for instance. My APIs will be using for United States. I need to implement the API for the Address Validation, Pickup, Rating and Shipping.

What I am looking is an experience (paid or volunteer) developer tat can help me to start my project and understand the steps.

Awaiting your reply!

It's definitely not me.
As you seem to have not much background on IRIS you are probably on the wrong forum.
It's neither the place for  PHP nor MySQL